Tuesday, January 31, 2006

T Campbell's Blog: How Can I Help?

To kick things off here, a link to a blog post by T. Campbell, one of the behind-the-scenes people at Clickwheel and a comics creator as well. Campbell has some fairly ambitious plans for electronic comics and wants to see more variety in webcomics. One of the points he doesn't dwell on much here is the implications for more traditional, print cartoonists of a potentially popular comics-viewing platform that bypasses print. And what about the need to bring already-existing print to these new platforms (laptops, PDAs, cellphones, PS2, etc)?

More. I want us to be doing more. I want better advances in the genres we web-folk explore regularly (gaming comics, techie fantasy) and the genres we don't (I'm looking at you, instructional comics). I want there to be a good place to find quality children's comics (I'm years past trusting the newspaper for that). I want people to be able to import comics scripts directly into word balloons. I want an excellent webcomic-- at least one-- that accurately portrays the Muslim experience in America (Applegeeks throws me a bone but only every once in a blue moon). I want cartoonists to understand better how to use digital tools to enhance their art. I want cartoonists to have more power. More. Better. More.

T Campbell's Blog: How Can I Help?

Comics on My Ipod

This is the first transmission of Frequential, an infrequent blog about graphic novels, technology, and music.

The aim of Frequential is to provide a clearing house for news and interviews that touch on these issues specifically.

Emerging technologies are embracing visual culture and this means comics. We can now read comics on ipods and other personal electronic devices --Frequential wants to know if this is a good thing.

Link: Clickwheel comics