Monday, June 01, 2015

Read the First 30 Pages of "Catharsis" by Luz for Free

Charlie Hebdo Cartoonist Documents the Aftermath of the Massacre in New Book of Cartoons


"The book is, of course, about how everything changed on Luzier’s birthday. But his confessional volume should have a wider interest. That’s because its subtext is the artist’s secret fear of an unforeseen loss of inspiration.Luz describes it in a little preface.

“One day, drawing left me. The same day as a bunch of good friends. The only difference was that the drawing returned, little by little. Both darker and more light-hearted. With this returning ghost, I talked, cried, laughed and screamed… This book is not a testament, even less is it a comic. It’s the reunion of two friends who almost never met again.” 
---from the  Comics Journal review , "Catharsis and Charlie" b y  Cynthia Rose