Friday, January 26, 2007

Canadian Nerds

The Canadian Comic Fan Project, Part Two

Where are they now?

Beloin Chin
53 Stevens Ave
Marathon, Ontario
(Everything's Archie, Archie Giant #9, August 1970)

Belinda Goetz
Box 35
Stewart, B.C.
Age 13
(Laugh #233, Aug 1970)

Linda Billry
Box 87
Masset, B.C.
Age 15
(Laugh #233, Aug 1970)

Bonnie White
Talbotville Royal, Ontario
Age 10
(Laugh #233, Aug 1970)

Laurie Pahl
496 N. Court St
Port Arthur, Thunder Bay Ontario
Age 12
(Laugh #233, Aug 1970)

Marilyn Kusznier
185 Clarke St
Port Arthur Thunder Bay Ontario
Age 12
(Laugh #233, Aug 1970)

Roy Bishop
16 Welbouren Dr
Hamilton, Ontario
(Archie #191, June 1969)

top image: Fran the Fan from Mad House Glads #74, August 1970 (art by Dan DeCarlo)

New ad campaign for Toronto tourism: selling the plate the steak is on.

CityNews: Off Beat Ads Selling Toronto To Americans

Monday, January 15, 2007

Robo-Fest 2008

"Building a Better Robot World!"

Mystery Hoard Promotions presents:


Canada's First Trade Show and Conference dedicated to Consumer Robotics

The event will bring together manufacturers, hobbyists, and researchers from the emerging field of robotics. Robo-Fest is an opportunity to showcase new developments in robot technology.

What you can expect at Robo-Fest:
  • robot demonstrations and competitive events
  • discussion of business and technical issues
  • vendors from the personal, mobile and service robot industry


Winter, 2008


Guelph, Ontario
--the center of Canada's technology triangle!

contact us!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Classic Off-model Archie

Current habit: leafing through old Archie comics looking for unusual images. As we all know, Archie comics can take on a uniform look --all the girls, with the exception of Big Ethel, are drawn using the same basic body type. You hardly ever see the sort of zaftig-type Dan DeCarlo drew in his Humorama adult joke gags, or any other size or shape of woman for that matter. The adult women in most Archie comics have historically been either comic grotesques (Miss Grundy), slightly more adult variations on the teen girls (Josie, the art teacher), or slightly heavier hausfrau types (Archie's mom). These are a few exceptions recently discovered:

From "Reggie the Match Maker" --Archie's Pals & Gals Giant #18, 1961.
Reggie cons a kid into a date with his sister, only to wind up wrasslin with the wrong girl. Jumpin' Jaime Hernandez!

And speaking of Jaime Hernandez, "Fat Chance" (Betty and Veronica Spectacular Giant #145, 1967) gives us a peak at Veronica's unconscious anxieties as she morphs through a series of weight gains--sort of like Maggie in "The Race" from Penny Century #6.

Another habit: collecting names and addresses of Canadians who wrote to comic books in the 1950s and 60s.

The Canadian Comic Fan Project, Part One
If you are out there please contact me! From Betty and Veronica Summer Fun, 1967.

Eileen Boutcher
194 Pelham St
Lunenberg, Nova Scotia
age 11 & 1/2

David Zuckerman
2278 Noel St
Montreal 9, PO
age 12