Friday, July 06, 2007

Magic Shadows Intro

Magic Shadows was a show on TV Ontario, the provincial public boradcaster, that ran during the 1970s and was hosted by Elwy Yost. Yost was a great fan of old Hollywood and Magic Shadows serialized classic movies every weekday. Yost was also the longtime host of Saturday Night at the Movies, a weekly double bill of uncut film that competed with Hockey Night in Canada.

The best part of Magic Shadows for a kid was the animated intro and the 1930s-50s adventure serials that were frequently featured. This is a Youtube video of the opening theme: it's bracketed by some station id's and by Elwy doing a remote intro but it is a very nostalgic piece of film for people of a certain generation. Does anyone know who was responsible for this animation?

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Anonymous said...

That took me back. The lady in the feathered hat in the beginning of the intro I could never see quite right. All I could see was some beaked creature. Scary and sentimental.