Saturday, November 06, 2010

The Stan Lee Hoard

The Mystery Hoard to end all Mystery Hoards!

Rumours today that Stan Lee has a giant storage unit full of Silver Age Marvel Comics art, possibly including Jack Kirby pages.

Stan may have been holding out on us.

Stan Lee has always had a central, if quizzical role to play in the controversy over creator rights and the fight for Jack Kirby's original art. Maybe he bought these things from reputable dealers at conventions over the years. Surely he didn't steal them from the Marvel offices or claim the pages as his own even though they were drawn by Jack Kirby and others?

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Tom Dougherty said...

I've been hearing this for quite a while now. A friend of mine, who was an editor for the Comics Journal years ago, says that he thinks we won't learn if this is true for years after Lee dies, since Jack used to write plot and dialog in the margins and on the backs of his artwork as he worked, which would prove how little Stan had to do with the creation of these classic stories. I believe him.