Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Week in Me

Well, more like "The Months in Me".

Some updates and links:

-Reviews: two new comics reviews I did for Sequential. The bizarrely cute Catland Empire by Keith Jones and the slightly underwhelming and boring woodcut novel about September 10, 2010 Book of Hours by Bryan A. Walker.

-I wrote a short history of The Comics Journal on the occasion of its new online incarnation edited by Tim Hodler and Dan Nadel.

-the best piece in the new Journal is this review of Johny Ryan's New Character Parade by Sean Rogers (it's good 'cause it has swears)

-I also liked the Great Dilbert Debate (criticism of the year so far)

-are there only 100,000 people who buy comics in comic shops on a weekly basis?

-I also liked this podcast featuring Frank Santoro. They talk about the end of the graphic novel boom and mega-advances for comics from big publishers.

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