Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Marvel Boycott Diary: Local comic fan petitions Marvel to recognize Avengers creator

So, I was interviewed by my local newspaper about the Jack Kirby petition. I tried to stick to some basic facts about Kirby's life and what we are trying to accomplish with the letter to Marvel/Disney. I encourage others who are interested in this cause to contact their local media. Email. Phone. Send a press release. Please help to get the word out!

The article appeared today. Here's how it came out:

Local comic fan petitions Marvel to recognize Avengers creator
by Thana Dharmarajah, Mercury staff
Wed Feb 15 2012

GUELPH — When you watch The Avengers movie or read a Captain America comic, Bryan Munn wants you to know the man who created those characters is Jack Kirby.

The Guelph resident has begun an online petition to advocate that Marvel Entertainment ensures that Kirby gets credit for any future film, book, toy or product featuring Kirby’s creations such as Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, The X-Men, The Fantastic Four, and The Avengers.

“The artists and writers who create (these comics) are generally not paid very much and have to fight to get any sort of recognition,” Munn said.

Marvel does state by whom the comic is written and drawn, but it doesn’t acknowledge the creator, Munn said.

Marvel declined to offer any comment for this story.

Munn added that he grew up with these comics and they put him on a path to making comics a lifetime hobby and interest.

Marvel just announced this week that it is updating Fantastic Four to be more modern in the Season One editions. It has been reported that the characters will be more hip and carry cellphones.

Munn started the online petition Jan. 31 on asking Marvel to give credit and royalties to Kirby’s family.

Kirby, who died in 1994, was born in New York’s Lower East Side and became one of America’s most influential comic book creators. He worked for a number of comic book publishers before teaming up with writer Joe Simon and creating Captain America for Timely Publications, which is now Marvel in 1940.

He left the company after dispute over royalties.

In 2010, his family sued Marvel to terminate copyrights and get royalties for his comic creations. The family lost the court battle and is in the process of appealing the court decision.

Munn wants to send a message with his petition.

“It will send a message that these characters are valued and deserve compensation for what they do,” he said.

Kirby has had a lifelong struggle to retain control over his creations, Munn said, but with a large supporter of fans behind him, there could be some impact.

He said he is also launching the petition now since the movie, The Avengers, is to be released this spring.

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