Friday, June 01, 2012

Mystery Hoard: Herman

Posted a note about the passing of cartoonist Jim Unger the other day and later was talking with a group of friends about the "Herman legacy" when one suggested that any nostalgia we might feel for early period Unger cartoons will easily be satiated by walking into any thrift store on the planet where the Herman treasuries could surely be found in abundance. Sure enough, six hours later I wandered into just such a store and stumbled upon the Mystery Hoard you see gingerly clutched in my hot little hands in this photo. Of course, I didn't buy the things since everyone knows that 98% of all Herman books have spent the bulk of their existence in people's bathrooms and are the greatest repositories of mildew, feces, and E. Coli bacteria known to man, outside of the executive boardrooms of Marvel and DC Comics.


idleprimate said...

I had never thought about that possible facet of a used book. luckily I mostly bought classic literature used--who keeps war and peace or moby dick or plato in the bathroom, right? right?

BK said...

er, right!