Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Lynn Johnston on Cartoon Controversy

News Link Source: The Comics Reporter

Syndicated cartoonist Lynn Johnston of Dor Better or Wose fame weighs in on the current world-wide controversy over depictions of the prophet Muhammed in a press release from her syndicate:

"I believe these cartoons have a right to exist. The media does not have the right to use them callously in the name of freedom. Freedom for whom? If one innocent person dies because of this capricious incident, publishers must accept the blame.

On behalf of conscientious humorists and illustrators worldwide, I want to say to the nation of people who have been understandably offended – an apology is due. This is not comedy. If a cartoon or a statement causes such pain, it enters the category of hate literature and should be treated as such."

Universal Press Syndicate: News Release

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