Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Shojo Beat

First Annual Shojo Beat Music Awards
by Joseph Holley

For someone whose knowledge of Japanes music extends only as far as Damo Suzuki, Yellow Magic Orchestra, the soundtracks of 1960s monster movies, and garage acts like the 5678s & Guitar Wolf, this is very educational --if only some young person would explain it to me.

"Welcome to our first ever Shojo Beat Music Awards! To bring you the best in J-Music, we scoured the trendiest corners of the Japanese music scene in search of the most inspiring and entertaining musicians. We've nominated more than two dozen of the hottest acts in 2005 in five different categories—Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop, R&B, and Rising Star—but only the best of the best come away with our coveted and prestigious Shojo Beat Music Award! While some of our nominees may already be familiar to those of you who are tuned into Japanese music, we hope that everyone will discover something new that's worth a listen. After all, there's more than enough here to fill up your iPod—and no evening gown or tux is required."

Shojo Beat: "First Annual Shojo Beat Music Awards"

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