Sunday, April 08, 2012

Cartoonist Doug Wright on Amazon: What's Up With That?

It's wonderful that the work of one of Canada's greatest cartoonists, Doug Wright, is now available in 3 different books from Drawn and Quarterly. Too bad that they don't seem to be lumped together on Amazon. Just browsing online and was surprised to find that the latest collection of Wright's Nipper strips (collecting 1965 and 66) doesn't in any way connect to the previous volume in the series or to the giant monograph, the Collected Doug Wright, Volume 1. Part of this is because of the ubiquity of the name Doug Wright: most notably, the U.S. playwright and author of Quills shares the same name. So clicking on "more books by Doug Wright" gives you a giant list of unrelated stuff. A common problem on Amazon. The only way you would know the three books are connected is if Amazon happens to connect them when it spits up its "commonly bought together" or "customers who bought this item also bought" recommendations. There is an author page for Wright on Amazon, but it only includes one of the three books, and seems to have been randomly generated by Amazon, with no input from the publisher or editors. Is this normal? I wish all 3 books could be viewed together.

Nipper 1964-1964

Nipper 1965-1966

The Collected Doug Wright: Volume One: Canada's Master Cartoonist

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